Halloween” is a scene created using Unity5 in order to demonstrate my skills with the
the software. In the scene u will finde Sound effects, Particle effects and many
other things, if you look close enough, u will finde out that some creepy things
are lurking in the dark.

Navigatin in the Scene:
-Middle Mouse Wheel: Zoom in/out
-Middle Mouse Button: Pan Camera
-Left Mouse Button: Rotate Camera

Runing Application:
The application runes best on either Firefox or Internet Explorer. Chrome as of
this date dose not support this kinde of media. im am not sure about Safari
(PC user here)

If u have any quastions pleas contact me under: itamar.ben.nachum@gmail.com

Thank you, and Enjoy

Credits to exturnal Assets:
Skybox: G.E TeamDev “https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/18216